Manufacturing Leaders Want the U.S. Mine Permitting Process Fixed

Posted on March 20, 2015 by Minerals Make Life

Mining Global stands side-by-side with National Mining Association (NMA) in upholding that mining is the foundation of U.S. manufacturing and is imperative to our nation’s economic growth and technological innovation. While manufacturing production in the U.S. is expected to grow by three percent over the next two quarters, manufacturing executives across the country still face considerable challenges. In particular, they are concerned about access to domestic minerals and metals that support manufacturing processes, which NMA found in its recent survey and Mining Global further highlights.

While the majority of surveyed manufacturing executives believe that the demand for minerals and metals will increase in the next 10 years, 95 percent expressed concern that the length of the U.S. mining permitting process—which takes up to seven to 10 years—may have a detrimental impact on their business. In fact, 90 percent of these executives support streamlining the mining permitting process to less than three years, which they believe will strengthen access to minerals and metals that are vital to their operations.

Minerals and metals are critical to the manufacturing of the technologies and products our country uses every day, and timely access to these domestic materials is needed to ensure economic recovery, maintain our national security and increase job opportunities. Our lawmakers must pass legislation that provide a streamlined permitting process, which in turn will result in a strong economic future.

See how permitting delays affect our economy in this video.

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