Minerals and Metals Are Vital For The Medical Technologies That Save Our Lives

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Minerals Make Life

Did you know that minerals and metals are essential to the technologies that define our modern medical world and are key to many of the medicinal innovations we see today? While many are not aware of this fact, minerals and metals are the building blocks of the life-saving medical devices and medications that doctors and patients rely on every day.

Take a look at copper for example. Not only can it be found in MRI scanners, it is also critical to inhibiting the spread of the influenza virus.  And it is vital in other medical equipment due to its anti-microbial properties. Another mineral with significant medical benefits is silver. Silver is an active ingredient in medical products as it prevents bacterial growth and accelerates the healing process. Because of this, silver is a present ingredient in a number of antibiotics. In fact, a small amount of silver makes E. coli bacteria significantly more sensitive to commonly prescribed antibiotics like penicillin. Lastly, titanium, which is resistant to bacteria, is a critical component is surgical equipment.

Without these minerals, our medical industry would be severely lacking in the technologies and medications it relies on to save lives. Currently, the U.S. is burdened with a redundant and duplicative mine permitting process, which prevents us from obtaining full access to these critical minerals. In order to preserve our medical industry and support advanced medical innovations, our legislators need to pass legislation that streamlines the U.S. mine permitting process.

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