Hal Quinn: Unlock U.S. Mineral Reserves with Streamlined Permitting

Posted on July 22, 2014 by Minerals Make Life

Last week, National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn was featured in the Reno Gazette-Journal discussing the urgent need for a streamlined permitting process in the United States. Particularly in Nevada, where Tesla Motors’ lithium-ion battery factory could potentially be housed, a project this size could provide tremendous growth for the state and its industries and create thousands of well-paying jobs across the country.

“As the only state currently mining lithium, Nevada’s reserves could shorten and simplify the Gigafactory’s supply chain — giving the state a unique competitive advantage. This is no small leg up as worldwide demand for lithium is expected to skyrocket by 20 percent. More broadly, Nevada is home to $9 billion worth of mineral resources — like lithium, gold and silver — that could source not only Tesla’s Gigafactory, but also other advanced manufacturing operations emerging across the country. However, an inefficient federal permitting process for new mineral mines keeps ample resources locked underground and U.S. manufacturers scrambling to secure raw materials from various foreign sources.”

Fortunately, the House passed the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Act of 2013 last September, which would set the framework for efficient, timely and thorough permit reviews needed to sustain and secure and reliable domestic mineral supply chain. NMA urges the Senate to pass similar legislation to help strengthen industry supply chains and secure economic prosperity for not only Nevada, but also nationwide.

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