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The minerals mining industry continues to support COVID-19 relief efforts while maintaining operations as a critical sector for infrastructure and supply chain stability.

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing our country’s physical and economic well-being unlike any other time in our nation’s history. U.S. mining operations continue to serve as an essential industry. To do so, workforce and public safety is top priority. Companies have implemented strict guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of the workforce and are supporting community relief efforts across the country.

As the coronavirus pandemic has impacted every facet of American life, widespread economic uncertainty has increased demands for critical minerals. The minerals mining industry provides the building blocks for nearly everything we rely upon, from essential medical devices and anti-microbial hospital surfaces, to fighter jets, essential telecommunications and smartphones. Mining is absolutely critical.

As countries close their borders and national quarantines continue to disrupt the global economy, we must consider how interconnected our supply chains are to every sector of our economy and critical infrastructure. To supply the essential minerals and metals our nation needs, minerals mining requires both the flexibility and the support of our leaders in this unique moment to ensure it can weather the storm and come out the other side even stronger.

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