Hal Quinn on minerals in automobiles

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This week, National Mining Association President and CEO Hal Quinn was featured in Supply & Demand Chain Executive discussing the importance of a steady supply of domestic minerals to the auto industry. In fact, many of these critical minerals were on display in technologies at this year’s NAIAS Auto Show.

“From iron used in auto body frames to molybdenum in airbags and lithium in hybrid vehicle batteries, a growing variety and quantity of minerals is fundamental to the future of the auto industry.”

Unfortunately because of a lengthy, outdated federal permitting process and foreign export bans on mineral resources, it has become increasingly difficult to fulfill the needs of the auto industry, let alone support a full manufacturing renaissance. In fact, 73 percent of CEOs in the automotive industry revealed that their businesses face minerals and metals scarcity, according to a 2011 PricewaterhouseCoopers study.

“If allowed to perform to its full potential, the U.S. mining industry can help assure that the American auto industry continues leading the way in innovation. It’s time to call on legislators to streamline minerals mining permitting and make this a reality.”

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22 Oct

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