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Key Arizona Legislation Opens Door for U.S. Copper Production

December 17, 2014

Last week, the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which included a key piece of legislation for Arizona, “The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act.”

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Legislation Reform is Top Priority for U.S. Manufacturers

December 12, 2014

Following a recent National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)/Industry Week survey of manufacturers, NAM’s chief economist, Chad Moutray, reviews the top five policies that concern U.S. manufacturers.

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Minerals Make Life Celebrates U.S. Miners

December 10, 2014

Last weekend, Minerals Make Life recognized National Miners Day, a day dedicated to America’s miners and their indispensable role in powering and building our nation.

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Potash & Phosphate: Growing Our Food & Our Economy

December 05, 2014

In addition to advancing U.S. technology and innovation, minerals are vital to our nation’s food supply and help fuel our domestic agriculture industry.

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Minerals Make Your Holiday Shopping

December 03, 2014

As the holiday shopping season begins, Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing reminds us of the importance of “giving American” this holiday season.

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#Graphene: Is the only limit to the application of this #mineral our own imagination? via @NewYorker
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