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Minerals and Metals Can Strengthen U.S. Economy

August 16, 2016

As conversations around jobs and growth play a pivotal role in the upcoming presidential election, it’s worth considering the impact that minerals have in supporting the economy.

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Minerals Make Wearable Tech

August 08, 2016

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to see the benefits of high-tech fitness gear.

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Tesla Motors’ New Gigafactory Relies on U.S. Minerals

August 04, 2016

Access to minerals is a top priority for Tesla Motors as they construct the company’s “Gigafactory” in Nevada.

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Minerals Vital to Veterinary Medicine

July 25, 2016

You may be aware of how critical minerals are to modern medical technologies that keep you and your family healthy. But you might not have considered how minerals have also enabled advances in veterinary medicine that prolong the lives of our four-legged family members.

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Senate and House Will Go to Conference on Energy Bill

July 20, 2016

Before the summer recess, the U.S. Senate voted to convene a conference committee with the House of Representatives on the Senate’s “Energy Modernization Policy Act of 2016.”

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