Iron Ore Serves as the Backbone to Nearly Every Industry

Posted on May 16, 2014 by Minerals Make Life

It comes as no surprise that iron ore is considered the strength behind the world’s leading industries. As an integral component in the formation of steel, iron ore is the world’s most commonly used metal and critical to nearly every industry, from energy and construction to transportation and equipment manufacturing.

Beyond its applications, iron ore production is an economic stimulant essential to U.S. growth.  Because of the U.S.’ immense supply of iron ore, America ranks among the top 10 producers of the metal. In fact, in 2013, the value of iron ore produced in the U.S. amounted to $5 billion. Furthermore, iron ore production supported more than 20,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs in 2012 and with increased access to minerals like iron ore, there is opportunity for thousands of new jobs.

Our new infographic highlights the many places where you can find iron ore, from the foundation of some of the world’s tallest buildings to inside manufacturing operations and even in cars and ships.  Beyond iron ore, minerals of all kinds serve as the foundation of innovation. For more information on the role minerals play in our every day lives, check out our online toolkit.

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