Minerals mining boosts jobs in the Midwest

January 31, 2012

In the U.S. Midwest, unemployment rates have steadily declined as companies respond to an increased demand for minerals.  

An article from Bloomberg Businessweek highlights how in Wisconsin, the state Assembly recently sent a Senate bill aimed at making its mining permitting process more efficient, allowing for companies like Gogebic Taconite LLC to create more than 700 iron-mining jobs.

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Declining use of mineral resources in U.S. worries experts

January 30, 2012

As written in a recent E&E News article, America’s use of mineral resources such as aluminum, copper, lead and others is declining, causing increased concern over China’s export restraints on rare earth materials.

“If you need a particular item at the end of the supply chain and you don’t have secure supplies…then you have vulnerabilities,” said W. David Menzie, chief of the U.S. Geological Survey’s global minerals analysis section, at a recent U.S. – China Economic and Security Review Commission hearing.

Currently, China is responsible for 95 percent of world production of rare earths and manufactures more than 80 percent of minerals that are used in everyday items from hybrid car batteries to smartphones.

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Commentary: Alaska must capitalize on vast untapped mineral resources

January 27, 2012

Rick Morrison, former president of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, discusses the benefits of minerals development to Alaska’s economy, and how a proposed 12.5 percent gross royalty tax on hardrock mining could increase America’s dependence on foreign minerals and stand in the way of economic growth.

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From Davos: Bureaucratic constraints cost U.S. mining jobs

January 26, 2012

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Rio Tinto Chief Executive Tom Albanese yesterday said that a series of bureaucratic obstacles constantly stand in the way of his firm doing business—and creating jobs—in the United States. He cited permitting constraints and the “not in my backyard” movement among reasons for the exporting of U.S. mining jobs. 

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In Minnesota, mining supports new energy sectors, jobs

January 25, 2012

In an op-ed to the Duluth News Tribune, Frank Ongaro, executive director of Mining Minnesota, explains how copper, nickel and steel produced in Minnesota are integral to the state’s emerging solar and wind energy industries. And as these industries continues to grow and create jobs, manufacturers will need the precious metals required to fabricate the photovoltaic panels that capture the sun’s energy, as well as the copper necessary to transmit the energy.

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