From the Ground Up: Mining for the Future

Posted on May 05, 2020 by Minerals Make Life

The U.S. mining industry is an important stakeholder in the foundation of America’s economic progress. By continuing operations across the country, thousands of miners are working every day to safely provide the minerals that the world needs. Whether it’s medical supplies, consumer products or defense technology, society needs a stable supply of minerals to function properly.

Mining is among a select group of sectors that influence the survival of other industries. Because mining is an essential industry, many American mines are maintaining operations. As international trade slows, it has revealed an unprecedented supply chain instability at a time when Americans continue to use electricity, cellular devices and medical technology. The economic implications of the coronavirus have forced policymakers to acknowledge mining’s important role in society and kickstart bipartisan efforts to get the country back on its feet. With a direct workforce of 421,000 people, and over 737,000 other Americans who are indirectly employed from mining, a majority of American voters agree that domestic mining should be a national priority.

In the coming weeks, our government and elected officials must protect American mining and other essential industries. With an abundant domestic supply of minerals available for development, American policymakers can support mining during this period of uncertainty by reducing regulatory burdens that have perpetuated the longstanding U.S. import reliance for nearly 50 minerals. Mineral mining companies will need government support if they are to sustain production for metals in the years ahead. The United States’ economic recovery begins with backing its mining workforce.

Among the most heavily regulated industries in the world, see how mining impacts the economy for the better.

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