Senator John McCain: Bipartisan Supports Allows for Arizona Mine Development

Posted on January 07, 2015 by Minerals Make Life

Following approval of legislation that will allow for the expansion of the Resolution Copper Mine in Superior, Ariz., Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) applauded the bi-partisan efforts that will bring this project to bear:

“I’m very proud that by working together, we were able to advance this crucial project, one that will contribute to Arizona’s economic prosperity throughout the 21st century.”

As McCain details, the Resolution mine is an incredible opportunity for Arizona’s economy, the manufacturing and technology sectors, and the United States economy. This project will tap into the largest copper deposit in the U.S. keeping Arizona the nation’s top copper-producing state and positioning the United States as a major producer.

“Over time, it will produce 25 percent of U.S copper demand. Perhaps most importantly, the mine will create an estimated 3,700 mining and mining-related jobs and generate over $61 billion in economic activity over 60 years, according to an independent study by respected financial analysts at Elliot D. Pollak & Company. That is the economic equivalent of Arizona hosting two Super Bowls every year for more than half a century.”

By boosting our domestic copper supply, this project will help keep America secure: “Copper is the second most-utilized metal by the Department of Defense and is necessary for supplying our armed forces with equipment, ammunition and electronics.”

The bi-partisan support demonstrated for Resolution mine show promise for future mining initiatives: most notably, reform to create a common sense permitting process that would give the United States an secure access to these materials and pave the way in developing the technologies of tomorrow here at home.

While the House has recognized this issue by passing “The Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act,” the Senate must act on similar legislation that will allow for the development and expansion of projects like the Resolution mine.

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