Minerals Power 2015’s Consumer Electronics Show

Posted on January 08, 2015 by Minerals Make Life

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), thousands of people descended upon Las Vegas to showcase and view the latest in consumer technology. The pioneering products introduced range widely in purpose, but all are innovations that will change the way the world lives and works. While some of the technology is geared towards driver safety like General Motors’ updated OnStar in-vehicle service, others showcased include wearable health and wellness tech devices and high-tech smart home innovations.

But perhaps the real stars of the show are the minerals that make these technologies possible. Minerals and metals are essential, irreplaceable components of modern technology and are vital to the development, production and functionality of the technology hosted at this year’s CES. The gold, copper and rare earth minerals in GPS and satellite technology, cellphones and display screens are just some examples.

And yet, despite the integral role minerals play in Silicon Valley and throughout the tech sector, the United States lacks a coherent minerals and metals mining policy that promotes the expansion of U.S. mining. The current duplicative permitting process is a deterrent to investors, jobs and, consequently, access to essential minerals we have here at home. Policymakers must revisit this broken minerals mining policy to establish a reasonable and more time efficient permitting process so U.S. mining can lead the way to a more secure, prosperous and innovative future.

Find out what there is to see at this year’s CES here.

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