Mining boosts manufacturing in Wisconsin

Posted on May 09, 2013 by Minerals Make Life

National Mining Association President and CEO Hal Quinn and Wisconsin Mining Association Chair Tim Sullivan recently met with industry leaders from the business and manufacturing sectors to discuss the role that minerals — such as iron ore, copper and gold — play in the state.

In addition to providing well-paying jobs, developing Wisconsin’s robust resource base would greatly benefit the state’s nearly 11,500 manufacturers, whose ability to compete globally is directly linked to their ability to access reliable supplies of the raw materials they need.

Despite the necessity of minerals to manufacturing, American supply chains are left wanting. In a 2011 PricewaterhouseCoopers report, 78 percent of high-tech industry CEOs and 50 percent of aviation CEOs indicated their businesses face minerals and metals scarcity.

With impressive mineral deposits in Wisconsin and an estimated $6.2 trillion worth of key minerals across the nation, it is not logical that these resources are not being developed at a time when they are needed. What’s more, there are ambitions to mine asteroids while taxing the industry here at home.

In Wisconsin, the recent passage of Senate Bill 1 marked significant progress toward ensuring Wisconsin can benefit from its mineral resources. The bill provides certainty to the state’s iron mine permitting process, while maintaining strict environmental safeguards. This reform will pave the way for statewide job growth and help support Wisconsin’s manufacturing sector.

A strong manufacturing base has always been fundamental to the economic success of our nation. Reinforced with minerals mined in Wisconsin, Arizona, Alaska and other states, American industry — and American workers — can continue to thrive.

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