NMA CEO: Help our economy, don’t hurt it

Posted on April 25, 2013 by Minerals Make Life

Recently, communities in Nevada, Wyoming and across the United States started turning to minerals mining projects as economic catalysts for creating jobs and battling the lingering effects of the recession.

However, the president’s budget proposal stands in the way of this progress. In it, harsh new taxes are proposed for U.S. mining operations, which would obstruct development of domestic mineral resources, including those critical to advanced energy technologies. Given the intense global demand for minerals and the willingness of some foreign suppliers to withhold mineral shipments as means of political pressure, we cannot afford to be further dependent upon foreign cooperation and supply for the minerals we need.

Paired with the broken federal permitting system, the new taxes proposed in the budget would deter investment in U.S. mining projects, effectively blocking development of reliable, domestic sources of critical minerals needed to drive American manufacturing and economic growth.

Our goal is to help strengthen America’s economy through the pursuit of policies that enable domestic industries to grow and thrive. Policies that penalize domestic production will not put us on the pathway to a stronger future.

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