Economic benefits of Alaska’s mining industry

Posted on April 25, 2013 by Minerals Make Life

Throughout the country, the minerals mining sector contributes millions of dollars to local and state governments and provides well-paying jobs to the communities with mining operations.

In Alaska, mining is a “growing force” in the state’s economy. In 2012, the sector paid $137 million in state government revenue and $21 million in local government revenue through rents, royalties, fees and taxes.

Directly employing 4,800 people in Alaska, the mining sector provides some of the highest paying, year-round jobs in the state, with many salaries doubling the state average.

Beyond providing a steady source of revenue to state and local governments, Alaskan mining companies support online classes for high school seniors to prepare for internships and indirectly employ another 9,500 Alaskans through the use of supplies and services from hundreds of Alaska businesses.

You can read more about the economic contributions of minerals mining and individual operations in the interactive report from the Alaska Miners Association.

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