Minerals Mining Generates Economic Growth

Posted on October 16, 2015 by Minerals Make Life

The mining industry is a significant contributor to U.S. job creation and provides economic benefits at the national, state and local level. In fact, minerals mining generates more than 1.3 million direct and indirect jobs. For each job in metals mining, 2.9 additional jobs are created. For each job in non-metals mining (i.e., minerals mining) each job generates an additional 1.8 jobs.

Mining Global recently highlighted one of the many types of careers paths available in the mining industry by interviewing the president and CEO of Newmont Mining Corporation Gary Goldberg. In the interview, Goldberg emphasizes the importance of mining to job creation and the economy. He explained that, “responsible mining unlocks the value of natural resources to make people’s lives better—those who live near mines, and those whose standards of living are improved by our products.”

Minerals mining doesn’t just contribute to job creation; it positively impacts the whole economy. The industry paid $46 billion in federal, state and local taxes in 2012. And the economic contributions do not stop there. In 2012, $76 billion worth of U.S. minerals were used to generate $700 billion worth of processed materials like cooper, steel, brick and fertilizers—all important elements of our infrastructure, energy and agricultural sectors. When taking all industries into consideration, minerals provided more than $2.3 trillion to the economy in 2012.

Minerals impact our lives every day. Along with stimulating economic growth, minerals mining provides the resources that make our cars, roads and bridges, computers, solar panels, medical technology, the equipment our national defense uses to keep us safe and so much more.

Goldberg and many other experts join us in identifying and appreciating mining’s economic benefits and the way in which minerals help us have safe and fulfilling lives.

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