Why You Should Celebrate National Miners’ Day

Posted on December 16, 2020 by Minerals Make Life

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Letter From The President and CEO:

This month, the National Mining Association asks you to join us in celebrating our nation’s miners. Every year on December 6 we celebrate National Miners’ Day, a time to acknowledge the important work of America’s mining community to keep our country prosperous and safe.

This observance serves as an important recognition for the hardworking men and women that bring us the raw materials used in everything from smart phones to fighter jets to medical supplies and even vaccines. They contribute valuable mineral resources that are often overlooked and underappreciated for being the key foundational elements of America’s supply chains.

Mining’s essential role in our modern world is unwavering — it remains the backbone of America’s technological innovation and future. However, it continues to be restrained by duplicative permitting policies and cumbersome laws that hinder forward progress. Thankfully, both the public and our policymakers are waking up to the importance of minerals. As President-elect Biden and his cabinet begin to lay out their policy priorities, it is clear that rebalancing our domestic mineral supply chain will help our economic recovery, put hardworking Americans back to work and ensure our national security. The National Mining Association and our member companies stand ready to support a secure future where domestic mining provides the majority of our country’s mineral needs.

Throughout the pandemic, mines across the country continued operations as part of our essential industries, demonstrating the safe and reliable capabilities of U.S. mining while producing minerals that keep other industries running.

As we enter a new year, and reflect upon the challenges of 2020, I would like to thank the tens of thousands of miners across the country who worked with such dedication — and continue to work — to deliver the essential minerals we all need.

Thank you,

Rich Nolan
NMA President and CEO

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