Permitting time frames are lengthy and unpredictable

Posted on October 16, 2012 by Minerals Make Life

In a post on the WryHeat blog, author Jonathan DuHamel recently discussed the link between minerals and manufacturing. The post specifically addressed the inefficient permitting process and how it is impacting Arizona’s Rosemont copper mine.

To maintain a healthy economy, our industries need reliable access to raw materials. The American mining industry helps fill that need by providing good, relatively high-paying jobs and the critical minerals we need to bolster our economy and provide the materials that keep us going. Yet, government, especially the federal government, seems to put many roadblocks in the way of developing our abundant natural resources…

“If you want your automobiles and iPhones, a reliable electricity supply, transportation, and jobs, we need to cut the red tape and make access to and production of the raw materials for industry more efficient and timely. That can all be done while providing rational environmental protection and in doing so will prove to be a boon to our economy,” concludes DuHamel.

The WryHeat blog from focuses on geology, climate change, energy, the environment, and the politics and policies that affect these issues. You can read the blog post in its entirety here.

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