Minerals of Summer

Posted on June 05, 2024 by Minerals Make Life

Summer is the season of outdoor adventures, cookouts and vacations. While many of us take a much-deserved break, minerals work hard to ensure vacations and get-togethers are possible. Here are some of the most common minerals you’ll encounter this summer.


What would summer be without air conditioners and refrigerators to keep you and your food cool? For that, you can thank copper, a highly conductive metal that is commonly used in the electrical wiring, motors and generators of those very necessary summer technologies.

Going to see any concerts this summer? Then you get to see minerals in action! Copper is used to make alloys like bronze and brass, which are used in musical instruments.

If your kids are competing in summer sports activities or you plan to watch the Summer Olympics in Paris, copper, in addition to silver and gold, is used to make medals and trophies.


Many students take classes over the summer. In this modern, technological era, these students wouldn’t pass a single class without lithium, a metal used in making batteries for laptops, smartphones and other electronic devices.

Lithium is also used for making fireworks, flares and rockets, which add color and sparkle to summer celebrations. Click here to learn about other minerals used in fireworks.


Aluminum is a lightweight, durable metal that is used to make cans, bottles, foil, and packaging for food and beverages. You’ll see aluminum at almost any barbeque you attend this summer.

For those who play sports or are seeking adventure, aluminum is found in bicycles, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and many other commonly used athletic and outdoor equipment.

Aluminum, like copper, will protect you from the summer’s sweltering heat. But instead of being used in wiring, aluminum is found in building materials, such as window frames, doors, and siding.

Aluminum is also used in nearly every vehicle type. So whether you travel by plane, train, automobile or boat this summer, you’re bound to come in contact with aluminum.

Barium, Strontium, Titanium and More

It wouldn’t be summer without fireworks and a wide range of minerals make the bright colors that light up the sky.

Reds pull their bright colors from strontium, barium produces green, copper makes blue shades, while strontium and sodium together make a brilliant orange.

Whatever your favorite color is to see in this year’s fireworks display, remember it’s made possible without minerals.


Sunburn is sure to kill the fun summer energy. Zinc is a key ingredient in sunscreen as it blocks those powerful UV rays. Zinc is also essential for protecting metal surfaces from corrosion, especially in marine environments, so it’s often used to coat steel and iron components of boats, ships, bridges and docks. No matter which beaches you visit this summer, you’re almost certainly going to run into zinc.

This summer, look for the minerals that make your vacations and get-togethers possible. Minerals are everywhere. From infrastructure and technology to medical equipment and consumer products.

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