NMA Newsmakers: Ted Doheny on the Importance of Minerals and Modern Technology

Posted on November 21, 2014 by Minerals Make Life

In the latest “NMA Newsmakers,” National Mining Association’s (NMA) Jamie Caswell meets with Ted Doheny, president & CEO of Joy Global, a NMA member company that specializes in the manufacturing, marketing and servicing of vital equipment used in both underground and surface mining. Doheny discusses the high-tech mining machinery that Joy Global produces and the role it plays in extracting the minerals and metals needed to meet our nation’s manufacturing needs.

“America has vast reserves of minerals and metals that are critical to creating innovative technology that we use every day. But those reserves will not just be lying there in an open field…Mining companies will need to use innovative techniques and technology to lower the cost of mining, removing people from harm’s way, and to do all of this in an environmentally responsible manner. They’ll need cutting-edge machinery to keep mineral supplies robust, and that’s where Joy Global can help by supplying machines, systems and services to solve mining’s toughest challenges.”

A robust manufacturing sector requires a predictable and steady supply of minerals and metals to keep the assembly lines moving and boost America’s economy, and Doheny points out that minerals are key components in today’s technology, citing over 60 different minerals used in the manufacturing of just one computer chip. However, the duplicative and lengthy mine permitting process continues to hinder domestic mining, and thus, threatens our nation’s manufacturing sector. Doheny says the solution is simple:

“We need measures in place that support U.S. minerals mining and the development of a robust supply chain of domestically produced raw materials. We must institute sensibly and sound policies that address minerals supply threats head on.”

To learn more, continue watching this interview below.

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