Minerals Critical to a Successful Supply Chain

Posted on February 12, 2015 by Minerals Make Life

In a recent analysis of the United States’ manufacturing renaissance, New York-based manufacturing blog, “FuzeHub” highlighted a “less understood” aspect of the supply chain: the available minerals and metals that are used in the making of products in almost every industry.

It is imperative that manufacturers can easily access the minerals necessary to make their products, the author, Steve Melito, explains. In an effort to ensure access is granted, industry leaders are working diligently to inform and educate policymakers on the growing demand for domestic minerals and metals. For instance, representatives from General Electric, The Doe Run Company, National Defense Laboratory Association and Idaho National Laboratory discussed the importance for critical minerals and the need for legislation reform at last July’s House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources oversight hearing.

Additionally, Melito cites National Mining Association’s recent study that highlights manufacturers’ heightening concern with domestic minerals and metals supply:

“Over 91% of executives are concerned about supply disruptions beyond their control, and potential shortages of critical materials are of special concern. As Hal Quinn of the National Mining Association (NMA) and Harry Moser of the Reshoring Initiative explain, these worries are well-founded. According to the United States Geological Survey, America has $6.2 trillion worth of mineral and metal reserves, but depends on foreign sources for over 50% of the minerals and metals upon which U.S. manufacturers rely.”

As the U.S. manufacturing industry expands and demands a greater supply of raw materials, legislation should allow for easier access and exploration of U.S. mineral resources. Industry leaders will continue making efforts to educate policymakers and emphasize the need for minerals legislation reform to support a strong and stable supply of domestic minerals that will power our manufacturing renaissance.

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