General Motors invests in manufacturing

Posted on April 05, 2013 by Minerals Make Life

General Motors, one of America’s biggest automakers has plans to invest $332 million in manufacturing plants across several states, including more than $250 million in Michigan alone.

A steady, reliable source of minerals is the key to a healthy domestic manufacturing industry,   particularly the automobile industry, which uses a variety of minerals—including gold, magnesium, copper and more—in every single car it produces.

Recently, there have been growing concerns about access to the minerals that are the building blocks of the American quality of life. These concerns have led to very ambitious plans to mine asteroids and deep sea beds, overlooking the resources that exist right beneath our feet.  But by streamlining the permitting process for new U.S. mining projects here at home and allowing access to mineral rich land in the western United States, we can avoid going to the extreme lengths of mining space or the deep sea floor.

The minerals mining sector is a driving force behind innovation and manufacturing with the ability to secure a domestic supply chain, supporting American companies like GM, Apple and Google who are helping to create manufacturing jobs right here at home.

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