Just How Important is a Stable Supply of Critical Minerals?

Posted on June 19, 2014 by Minerals Make Life

In the most recent installment of “NMA Newsmakers,” the National Mining Association’s Jamie Caswell interviewed Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, about how an unstable supply of critical minerals can jeopardize U.S. defense and national security.

“The United States now relies heavily on imports for key parts of our military procurement. Consider that we are not mining enough of the critical minerals and metals needed to produce important weapons systems and military supplies – like night vision devices, which are made with rare earth elements,” Paul said. “Major disruptions in foreign supply chains could put the health of America’s defense industrial base – and our national security – in jeopardy.”

As Paul explained, these disruptions range from poor manufacturing practices in other nations to natural disasters and foreign price volatility. By increasing our dependence on foreign manufacturers, we are harming our own industrial base.

The solution to this threat is simple: we need to invest in ourselves and build our own domestic reserves. Paul emphasized that “self-reliance has always been an American virtue and the key to our nation’s success and prosperity. Manufacturing is important for job creation and a strong economy, and it’s essential for our national security. A steady supply of domestic minerals and metals is critical for all of these things. For an even brighter future, America must look to its own resources, and must streamline the permitting process currently in place.”

To learn more, continue watching this interview below.

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