Guest post: Reclamation plan key to any U.S. mine

Posted on July 01, 2013 by Minerals Make Life

At Pumpkin Hollow — the Nevada Copper mine being developed in Lyon County, Nev. — we received our reclamation permit in June, putting us on track for production in 2015 and creating jobs for thousands of people in dozens of disciplines.

In developing this plan, we sought the feedback and insight of Lyon County community members, environmental experts, and a range of engineers and scientists, and coordinated closely with government agencies to assure that our plans would meet or exceed all established standards. Among the long list of provisions outlined in our permit request were plans to:

  • Revegetate the land: All disturbed land that cannot be used for other acceptable uses will be revegetated, which entails replanting and rebuilding the soil to produce new vegetation.  “Reclaim as we go.”
  • Keep the water clean: Exploration drill holes will be filled, capped and sealed immediately after completion to completely protect groundwater in the future.
  • Convert and reuse infrastructure: To the maximum extent possible, buildings and other infrastructure will be retained and converted to other post-mining uses.

As we work with the community to responsibly develop this mine that will not only bring local jobs and economic growth, but also provide an important metal needed for the U.S. production of electronics, building materials and medical technologies, we’ll maintain our strong commitment to the environment. Nevada Copper is dedicated to developing Pumpkin Hollow with the right people, in the right place, and in the right way.

Nick Beaton, community relations assistant, Nevada Copper, Inc.

Reclamation application prepared by Tetra Tech Inc.

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