Pumpkin Hollow Project to provide hundreds of jobs

Posted on November 08, 2012 by Minerals Make Life

The Nevada Copper Corporation is working to finalize plans for the Pumpkin Hollow Project, a new mining venture that would tap into Nevada’s vast copper resources. The mine would immediately create 700 – 800 jobs in Nevada’s rural Lyon County and more than 2,500 jobs by 2016.

Tim Dyhr, vice president of environmental and external relations for the Pumpkin Hollow Project, spoke with the Nevada Mining Association about the mine:

“A key element of the Pumpkin Hollow project is that its proximity to the city and the opportunity to utilize proposed mine infrastructure to suppose concurrent development of other commercial, industrial and recreational development that would continue long after mining is completed.  As a result of the mine and other potential economic activities, many local businesses and companies are in a prime position to grow,” said Dyhr.

Read the whole interview here.

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