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Posted on August 02, 2023 by Minerals Make Life

As new energy technologies advance around the globe, the demand for mined materials continues to grow. To meet this need, the mining industry needs a new generation of miners. A workforce of skilled and trade workers capable of delivering the raw materials needed to power the future.

The U.S. is home to vast amounts of natural resources and we can develop them under world-leading environmental, labor and safety standards. The mining industry needs your help to make it happen. Learn how a mining career can support you, your country and the environment.

Careers in Mining

Depending on your state, a career in mining can offer up to $120,000 a year – or more. The industry offers a broad array of jobs that bring employees out from behind a desk into the field, as miners, geologists or metallurgists and other positions. You can get involved in safety and environmental protection, working to uphold the high safety and labor standards that the U.S. is home to. Whatever your interest, the mining industry has a variety of roles you’re likely to excel in.

How Mining Boosts U.S. Economy & National Security

A career in mining not only provides a stable income to support your family but it’s also essential work that supports our country and planet. Becoming a miner means you directly contribute to the success of America’s military, to the field of medicine, to the transportation sector and many other important mineral-intensive industries that keep America competitive on a global scale. Minerals develop fighter jets at military bases, MRI machines in your local hospital and even the highways that connect the two. Minerals keep the U.S. moving. The mining sector accounted for nearly one-fifth of the national GDP last year.

Mining for Positive Environmental Impact

Mining and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand. Miners work closely with regulators and communities to ensure all mining practices are safe and respectful to the environment while still extracting the materials needed to fuel the energy transition, which has skyrocketed mineral demands. Modern mining uses cutting edge technologies that are more automated and digitized than ever. The new tech is perfectly suited for the digital natives of the younger generations. Those entering the workforce with the desire to be good environmental stewards are also uniquely qualified for mining roles given how much mineral extraction goes toward sustainable technologies.

Find Your Mining Family

The U.S. needs miners to support the world’s growing demands for energy and technologies, which is why careers in mining offer family-supporting salaries, flexible work schedules, and programs dedicated to career and education development. If you find a niche you’re interested in, some mining companies will even support your ability to pay to advance your education in that sector.

If you want to build a prosperous and sustainable future for your children and grandchildren, the mining industry has plenty of opportunities for many interests. To learn more about what a career in mining looks like, check out this video.

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