Experts Weigh in: Why EPA Rule Doesn’t Make Sense

Posted on September 23, 2016 by Minerals Make Life

In his recent op-ed, President of the American Resources Policy Network Daniel McGroarty warns that the U.S. economy and national security are at risk if EPA’s rule is promulgated.

Forcing hardrock mining companies to needlessly place additional tens of millions of dollars aside to comply with the new EPA rule will directly and indirectly hurt our mining communities and the downstream industries they support in towns and cities across America. Making hardrock mining an extremely costly endeavor not only removes jobs from the economy, it also inhibits our access to the mineral resources that drive technological innovation, build our infrastructure and protect our troops—who in turn protect us. Be sure to read his op-ed to find out more.

McGroarty acknowledges that EPA’s proposed rule is reasonable at first glance. Requiring “bonds” or financial assurance for land reclamation before a mining project begins is a good practice that protects the community and the taxpayer. Which is why, he notes, these financial assurance requirements have already been established.

These proven federal and state financial assurance requirements are outlined in our newest infographic. See the infographic to learn more about why EPA’s proposed rule is a threat to the strength of the nation here.


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