Eagle Mine: An Innovative Approach to Modern Mining

Posted on October 30, 2015 by Minerals Make Life

“With modern technology, copper-nickel mining can meet our rigorous standards and live up to its promises” writes Nancy Norr, regional development director at Minnesota Power, in a recent op-ed published in Mesabi Daily News. Norr recently led a tour of Eagle Mine, a copper-nickel mine located in Champion, Mich., and she showed business, community and labor leaders how this mine contributes to the local economy, helping to create jobs and businesses opportunities. The facility employs 250 people and is expected to produce 360 million pounds of nickel and 295 pounds of copper, amongst smaller quantities of other metals.

In her op-ed, Norr explains that it is already evident that Eagle Mine takes environmental standards very seriously. The mine engaged with the community to ensure a collaborative approach to the project from its inception. Norr notes that Eagle Mine is committed to demonstrating that it understands “the importance of the environment and recognizing the significance of moving forward in an environmentally-sound way were promises the company didn’t take lightly.”

The mine’s active pursuit of community engagement continues to impress; it is busy providing “the world with essential metals,” all while “supporting families and communities,” Norr writes. The mine’s support of the community is implemented through various initiatives, such as public forums and economic contributions. The facility provides direct and indirect “year-round jobs for the communities,” increasing the county GDP by 20 percent.

Ultimately, the “support of the communities, dedication to protecting the environment and the personal work ethic to do mining right have made Eagle Mine a success.” Like Norr, we understand why the facility is a point of pride for the Champion community.

Modern mining utilizes innovative technology that allows the industry to operate safely, create 1.3 million direct and indirect jobs nationwide, generate economic growth and produce innovative technology. Without minerals mining, we would not have the resources to make the technology we use every day. Copper, specifically, is a necessary resource used to make life-saving technologies and meet our infrastructure needs.

Minerals and metals are irreplaceable resources that keep our economy strong and enable the technology that paves the way for advancement. Learn more about the important impact of the mining industry in Norr’s op-ed here.

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