Celebrating Miners

Posted on December 05, 2017 by Minerals Make Life

Each year on Dec. 6 we commemorate National Miners Day and express our appreciation for the men and women who work in the U.S. mining sector. National Miners Day was designated by Congress in 2009 to honor the contributions made by miners that work in the industry today and those that have helped contribute throughout America’s long history of mining.

U.S. miners produce the raw materials that allow our industries to innovate, help us maintain a healthy economy and serve as integral members of our communities.

“Our miners take great pride in what they do, and rightfully so. They are the front-end of the supply chain for what every sector of our economy needs to succeed. Our nation depends upon them getting it done and getting it done right—safely, reliably and efficiently,” stated National Mining Association President and CEO Hal Quinn.

Did you know that nearly every industry in the U.S. relies on the hard work of miners to maintain operations, source their supply chains and manufacture their products? For example, copper’s antibacterial properties are leveraged to make life-saving healthcare tech. Meanwhile, as the key component in the production of steel, iron ore is central to infrastructure, manufacturing and transportation.

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In addition to keeping American industry strong, minerals mining is a major contributor to the U.S. economy, generating $2.78 trillion—more than 14 percent of the U.S. GDP—in 2016. Moreover, minerals mining also supports American families by creating 1.2 million good-paying jobs. In fact, a job in U.S. metals mining pays an average annual salary of $89,000—higher than the average private sector job.

Perhaps most impressive are miners’ collective support and commitment to the communities where they live and work. In states like Arizona and Nevada, miners are giving back through outreach and education programs to foster the future mining workforce through youth workshops and educational facility tours for local students.

Nevada Mining Association President Dana Bennett notes that the mining industry has created a “positive change throughout the state by supporting these various organizations dedicated to charitable giving, education, the arts and much more.”

Mining has helped our nation grow, connect, prosper and innovate for centuries. For all these reasons, and many more, Minerals Makes Life wishes our miners and their families a happy National Miners Day!

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