Op-ed: Lawmakers must find common ground to support the defense-industrial base

Posted on January 16, 2019 by Minerals Make Life

Despite stark political divides in the 116th Congress, industrial-base policy offers one of the most fertile areas for bipartisan cooperation. Historically, Democrats have long supported the types of pro-manufacturing, pro-worker and pro-Buy American policies that are favored by the current administration. In the new Congress, Democrats and Republicans should seek out opportunities to work together in advancing mutually sought-after goals in this critical policy area.

Why work together?

This year, Congress will be asked to reauthorize the Defense Production Act of 1950. Though amended and modified over the years, this law remains the premier source of authority for stewardship of the defense-industrial base. For example, DPA Title III authorities assistance to private firms in their efforts to commercialize and scale up critical projects that might otherwise struggle to transition from the research and development phase to full production.

Additionally, DPA tools such as loan guarantees could help ensure that financial capital is available at critical junctures in the development process for new technologies and products with defense applications.

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