Obama’s Visit Emphasizes Manufacturing Industry Growth

Posted on October 15, 2014 by Minerals Make Life

Earlier this month, President Obama visited Millennium Steel Service, a Southern Indiana supplier for the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, to celebrate national Manufacturing Day and highlight the manufacturing sector’s contributions to not only Indiana’s economy, but also the broader U.S. economy.

While the manufacturing sector is key to our economic development, the Obama administration continues to overlook a crucial sector that makes America’s manufacturing renaissance possible—minerals mining.

In fact, we rely on minerals every day—they are the essential building blocks of the homes we live in, the cars we drive and the cutting-edge technology we use daily. Minerals provide the foundation and the resources necessary to propel our manufacturing sector and the innovations that define today. See our video below to learn more.

As the U.S. manufacturing sector continues to grow, the importance of a secure and reliable domestic supply chains has never been clearer. However, a difficult and lengthy permitting process stunts the manufacturing industry’s growth by preventing a stable supply of minerals. Even the president’s planned Integrated Photonics Manufacturing Institute will still need fundamental raw materials like copper as a resource for the technologies it will research and innovate.

The president has stressed the importance of the growing manufacturing sector and its role in reviving the U.S. economy. For it to fully realize its growth potential, policymakers must prioritize developing a more efficient permitting process to provide greater access to domestic minerals.

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