NMA Board Endorses CORESafety, a New Safety and Health Paradigm for U.S. Mining

Posted on April 09, 2012 by Minerals Make Life

The National Mining Association’s (NMA) board of directors endorsed an important new effort last week—CORESafety—a safety and health management system specifically designed for U.S. mining operations.  As I said in the press statement issued by NMA, “CORESafety is an industry essential, first calling upon us to do our best, then providing us with the tools to continuously improve safety and health performance at U.S. mining.” 

As vice chairman of NMA’s board, I was privileged to serve on the CEO task force that led this effort.  We were supported by a working group of mining safety professionals who built out the components of CORESafety.  All of us are convinced CORESafety provides a comprehensive pathway to eliminate fatalities and to reduce the rate of mining injuries by 50 percent within five years.

We spent nearly two years on this project, and I’m happy to say it was a collaborative effort.  Not only did we look at the best practices in mining worldwide, we also looked at what companies were doing outside of mining.  I’m deeply involved in implementing CORESafety at Stillwater Mining Company because it takes leadership from the top and because it demonstrates the determination and commitment of U.S. mining leaders to remain a model for the world. 

The CORESafety management system is available at www.coresafety.org

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