NMA applauds the University of Utah’s commitment to mining safety and health

Posted on August 16, 2012 by Minerals Make Life

The University of Utah recently announced the creation of a new Center for Mining Safety and Health Excellence, intended to “help solve real, challenging problems that have a profound effect on people working in the mining industry, their communities and economies that rely on mining,” according to University President David Pershing.

The center’s objective is to work with industry, government, nongovernmental organizations and labor representatives to improve mining safety and health management standards and performance through advocacy, education, research and consultation.

These goals reflect NMA’s own commitment to safety through the CORESafety initiative, an industry-wide partnership led by the members of NMA. CORESafety is built on a foundation of leadership, safety and health management and assurance  to prevent accidents before they happen. The objective is to achieve zero fatalities and a 50 percent reduction in mining’s injury rates within five years (0:50:5).

We at NMA recognize the vital importance of mining safety and applaud the University of Utah’s commitment to this issue through their new Center for Mining Safety and Health Excellence. By fostering safety expertise among undergraduate and graduate mining engineering students who represent the next generation of mining leaders, we believe this center will help the sector to achieve our industry’s safety goals.

Bruce Watzman, senior vice president of regulatory affairs, National Mining Association.

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