NAM: What Does Manufacturing Mean to You?

Posted on March 14, 2014 by Minerals Make Life

The National Association of Manufacturers unveiled a new video that demonstrates the manufacturing industry’s resurgence and the promise it holds for all Americans through a simple question, “What does manufacturing mean to you?”

For those of us in the minerals mining industry, manufacturing means innovation, job creation and opportunity. According to a recent economic forecast, “manufacturing will grow faster than the overall U.S. economy” and is expected “to add 356,000 jobs in 2014, or an average of nearly 30,000 a month.”

As manufacturing quickly grows and advances, demand for minerals is rapidly increasing to sustain a stable supply and keep up with advances in manufacturing and production. Recognizing the importance of manufacturing and its intrinsic relationship to minerals mining is vital to the advancement of U.S. technology and innovation.

For instance, did you know that televisions require 35 different minerals and computer chips can require up to 60 minerals and elements? Each and every day, mining and manufacturing together propel American innovation and help bring to market thousands of products.

So, tell us in the comments, what does manufacturing mean to you?

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