Mining Means Jobs in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Posted on September 07, 2011 by Minerals Make Life

Three hundred jobs now, 700 more to come. Last week, The Detroit News editorial board voiced its support for a planned nickel and copper mine that, not yet in production, is already brining jobs to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In an area where the unemployment rate tops the state average, the News touted the economic merits of the project, and noted Kennecott Eagle Minerals Co.’s extensive planning and the precautions taken over the eight-year mining permitting process.

“The Eagle Mine promises to be one of the most environmentally friendly mining operations in the world. If it is successful, it could revive the mining industry in the U.P. and do so in an environmentally responsible way. It could also lead the way to a much-needed employment surge in the region.” – The Detroit News

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