Minerals Make Life Celebrates National Miners Day

Posted on December 04, 2015 by Minerals Make Life

Minerals Make Life is celebrating this year’s National Miners Day on Sunday, December 6. Our country and day-to-day lives rely on miners’ dedication and expertise.

National Mining Association’s president and CEO, Hal Quinn, explained, “Our miners take great pride in what they do, and rightfully so. They are the front-end of the supply chain for what every sector of our economy needs to succeed. Our nation depends upon them getting it done and getting it done right—safely, reliably and efficiently.”

With the holiday season upon us, let’s remember that miners help make our festivities possible. From the airplanes and cars that provide the transportation to see our families to the products we give as gifts, miners produce the minerals that serve as key components in their creation. When it comes down to it, miners are the core of U.S. minerals mining and the industries it supports.

We are also celebrating National Miners Days because it is an industry that provides good paying jobs for hard working people. On average, miners receive highly competitive pay and benefit packages. The average annual mining pay in Nevada, for example, is $83,000—meaning that 12,000 people in the state can count on jobs in the mining industry to help provide for their families. Also, the mining industry helps spur substantial economic growth. Did you know that the U.S. minerals mining industry adds between 11,000 and 13,000 jobs per year?

In fact, the entire nation benefits from our miners’ hard work.  Nearly every U.S. industry—like healthcare, manufacturing, infrastructure and national defense—depends on minerals to create the technology and energy that fuels production. As Quinn puts simply, we are “proud to recognize America’s miners and their indispensable role in powering and building our nation.”

Please join us in honoring our miners this Sunday!

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