Minerals Drive Innovation from the Ground Up

Posted on January 28, 2015 by Minerals Make Life

Many people are surprised to learn that minerals play an essential role in our advanced standard of living and in the innovative applications of today’s high tech society.

For instance, did you know that gold is a critical component in smart phones and GPS technology? Or that iron is critical to transportation technology, such as that in hybrid cars and trains? Or that rare earths—17 distinct elements—are found in electronics ranging from personal computers and flat-screen TVs to aircraft guidance systems?

For the sake of these important technologies and continuing U.S. technological advancement, stable access to domestic minerals is imperative. The United States is blessed with first world mineral reserves, but cursed by an outdated and duplicative permitting process, which jeopardizes technological innovation and economic growth. Minerals are not only important to the American way of life, but are also integral to the technologies that make American companies world leaders in innovation. It’s time for leadership to support meaningful permitting improvements to keep America at the forefront of innovation.

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