Hal Quinn Warns of “Structural Mismatch” between Minerals Supply and Demand in IndustryWeek

Posted on October 07, 2014 by Minerals Make Life

Last week’s Manufacturing Day focused on the ongoing growth and success of our domestic manufacturing sector, and as highlighted by National Mining Association’s (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn in IndustryWeek, one of the most fundamental and influential factors is a secure and reliable supply chain. Quinn writes:

“One important component of a successful supply chain is availability and access to the raw materials necessary to build today’s products. Whether manufacturing high-tech devices, electric vehicles, medical equipment or advanced energy technologies, all share a common need for minerals and metals.”

However, NMA’s latest study “U.S. Mines to Market” found that a structural mismatch exists between domestic mineral supply and demand from the manufacturing sector. While many manufacturers are re-shoring their businesses to reduce supply chain risks, an inefficient and redundant permitting policy hinders mining growth and threatens U.S. supply chains. Quinn continues:

“If the United States is to maintain its position in the global economy, its industries must align. A stable and robust mineral supply is, and will continue to be, a fundamental pillar supporting our manufacturing industry. In light of Manufacturing Day and the need to bolster this central industry, lawmakers must make the mine permitting process more predictable and efficient so U.S. mining—the front-end of the supply chain—can assure that manufacturers will successfully produce American-made products, create high-wage jobs and improve Americans’ standard of living.”

To ensure that the United States remains a competitor in the global mining and manufacturing industry, a reformed permitting process is necessary. The House has recognized this issue by passing “The Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act,” for the third time last month. Now it is time for the Senate to act on similar legislation.

Read more from IndustryWeek here.

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