Hal Quinn: A Mining Policy for the Future

Posted on March 27, 2014 by Minerals Make Life

This week, National Mining Association President and CEO Hal Quinn discussed the policy challenges facing the U.S. mining industry in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Despite the importance of minerals to our manufacturing supply chain, the U.S. lacks a coherent minerals and metals mining policy:

“The U.S. mining industry has worked hard to ensure access and ready mineral supplies for the countless industries that rely on them. America’s miners have always reached further to find and produce the in-demand minerals of tomorrow. A leading workforce using advanced mining technology made by companies such as Joy Global allows the industry to meet those challenges. What is holding us back are policies from yesterday.

Today, it takes American mining companies seven to 10 years to get the permits necessary to build and operate mines. In Canada and Australia, the process takes only two to three years. This is one reason U.S. manufacturing companies import almost half of the metals and minerals needed for their products.”

If we allow the U.S. mining industry to perform to its full potential, our nation can enjoy enormous growth and job-creation opportunities, support the domestic manufacturing revival, and attract global investment dollars. We need a mining policy for the future that would better employ our nation’s own resources while supporting American innovation and manufacturing, economic growth and national security.

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