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Letter: House National Resources, Energy & Commerce committee chairmen to the EPA on CERCLA 108(b)

August 09, 2016

Op-ed: Actually, yes: Minerals needed; unwarranted opposition to process stifles growth, jobs

July 09, 2016

At a time when politicians and business leaders are advocating to “make America great again,” certain federal agencies are missing the simplest ways to do so.

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Testimony: Katie Sweeney Before Senate Public Lands, Forests and Mining Subcommittee

June 28, 2016

Proposed 10-million-acre withdrawal is economically harmful and unnecessary to protect the sage grouse or its habitat, says NMA’s senior attorney.

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Op-ed: Keeping Minerals in the Ground Keeps Them out of the Economy

June 08, 2016

Department of Interior wants to ban mining on 10 million acres of federal lands in order to protect the habitat of the greater sage grouse. 

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Resolution: Interstate Mining Compact Commission to EPA Administrator on CERCLA 108(b)

May 03, 2016

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A recent poll shows 10% of Americans have misconceptions about #mining's role in environmental stewardship:……
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#DYK that improving the U.S. #minerals supply chain is vital to national security? Find out why:……
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