Mining Means Jobs in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

September 07, 2011

Three hundred jobs now, 700 more to come. Last week, The Detroit News editorial board voiced its support for a planned nickel and copper mine that, not yet in production, is already brining jobs to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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China Continues to Cut Rare Earths Production

September 06, 2011


In a move highlighting America’s vulnerability to minerals supply chain disruptions, China last week announced that it will halt production of rare earth minerals at three major mines. Reuters reported that this could further tighten supplies of the 17 minerals in China, which is currently responsible for 97 percent of world rare earth production.

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Next Generation of Manufacturing Jobs Supported by Minerals

August 28, 2011

“Does America Need Manufacturing?” The New York Times Magazine asked last month in an exploration of whether the United States can compete with China for the next generation of manufacturing jobs. Noting the loss of 5 million domestic manufacturing jobs in the past decade, the Times highlighted lithium battery producers in Michigan as a potential sector resurgence and in the process, revealed the vital relationship between minerals mining and manufacturing.

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